How I Warm-Up as a Cartoonist: Wantedman Sketchbook Cover

How I Warm-Up as a Cartoonist: Wantedman Sketchbook Cover

I've wanted to orchestrate a deep dive into the Wantedman Comic Strip since its inception in November of 2021, but all good things take time to develop. This blog will allow fans of the Trigger Happy Gunfighter to get a deeper look at the concepts, designs, and lore that no social media caption could do justice.

This idea of a warm-up sketchbook, before you work on your actual comic pages, is a common practice in the field of cartoonists. A comparison I think non-artists can understand is that athletes need to stretch, shoot around, etc., before the actual game begins. So, every day, for the last few months, I've made it a religion to strengthen my draftsman skills and expand the world-building of the Wantedman Universe. 

I bought this black hardcover sketchbook from Walmart for $9.99 and slapped a sticker paper printout of the most popular illustration of Wantedman at the time. Though the paper is not the highest quality, the durability of this book makes it a solid companion to carry with me everywhere I go (to Starbucks, Library, and back home:|).

This blog will be a daily writing exercise as the sketchbook has been to my drawings. I am years away from reaching the master level of being a comic creator, but I will be sharing artistic tips, tools I use, and suggestions as I learn them myself. 

I hope you get to do what you love today!

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